How to outsource content writing?

6 min readJul 16, 2021

Many companies outsource their content writing work. They do this because they can then focus on more important things other than just writing content. However, it can be very hard to manage a writer, and sometimes companies might outsource all their content writing to a third party.

Set your goals — If you set your goals properly, you will know the direction you need to pursue to achieve these goals.

For example — if you wish to have more traffic on your website, you should have more articles on educational material, press releases, and research papers. If you wish to get more leads, you must generate whitepapers and ebooks and make blog posts focused on products. If you want to drive your sales, then you can use newsletters and landing pages. Finally, if you have a specific goal, you can tell your writers about that and work towards achieving that specific goal.

Define your audience — You must know about your audience, and you are aware of what your audience likes because you can plan according to that. Try and understand how you can solve your audience’s problems because then they can also grow and get better. It is best to try and understand their personalities because then you can work with that knowledge and grow.

Create a content calendar — After you have your goals ready, you can work on a content calendar. It would be best if you lay out your plan and future ideas on a content sheet. Write about your plans, the type of content you wish to have on it, the main topic, and the channels you will put it on. The publication dates and deadlines as well should be in the excel sheet. Finally, write the names of who will be involved with working for the content.

Set your budget — If you know the types of content you wish to outsource, you can estimate how much you would need to spend on outsourcing your content. Based on the budget you have to decide how many articles you need, how long the article will be. Depending on the budget, you will know what type of writers you will require for your work.

All the steps above were meant to tell you what plans and preparations you need to do before outsourcing. After you make your plans, it is time to start your work with a content writing agency or a separate freelance writer.

Work out your deadline — After you make your content calendar, then you should make a deadline. Before you decide to publish an article, you must consider the time that it would take for you to get the article, and then you have to check that article and make the adjustments that you want. Ask your writer how long it will take if an article has to be revised, a then finalize your deadline. If there is a new writer that you are working with, then you should consider giving having longer deadlines until you can figure out how long that person usually takes to complete an assignment.

Find the right writer for the task — You must find the correct writer for the job. This is very important because different writers are good at different things. Some are very good at researching, while others might have certain topics of specialization. The people who can research well can be given tasks and new articles, and no one can write well. The writers who have certain specialties can be very useful because they can help write some good articles as they would have some insight into these topics and be able to do these topics well. Try and look for a writer who can write about many different articles because you do not want to search for someone new every time you have some articles. It is best if you have someone who has many different areas of expertise, but they can also research well and write about topics that are new to them. You can also use content writing agencies instead of finding a writer because they have many different writers, and they will be able to give you a proper writer based on your needs.

Write a strong and detailed brief — In a strong brief, you can explain what you expect rom the article, what keywords you want, who the audience is, and how long the article should be. The brief should specify the goal that you want to achieve. You can also write about what tone you want the writer to write in and ask the writer to use specific keywords. You can ask the writer to include any links or mention any products you want to mention in that article. You can also send the writer some examples of other articles that you liked on that topic to get an idea of what you want. He can write his article based on what you want, and this can give you what you want, and he will be satisfied as well because he could write something that you wanted. Any links or statistics that you want your writer to mention can be added briefly, and the writer will do that for you. The writer can also add some visuals that you might like. If you have another member in your team, it is important to check with them before you send the brief because they might have their own opinions and things that they might want to add something different or contribute and give some ideas that you might not have thought about. If you wish to publish many different articles around one topic, you can plan how you wish to link all of them to look good.

Revise and request revisions — If you are not satisfied with the performance in general or have a problem with the performance of a certain part, you can ask the writers to do that again because you want your readers to be engrossed in your content. You do not want them to feel bored because if they do, you will not grow. You can also use things like Grammarly to check if the content is up to the mark. Before you hire a writer or agency, make sure that you know how many revisions do they allow because some allow unlimited revisions while others only allow a few revisions. Make sure that you are certain that you want revisions, and you can ask your partners too, and then you can ask for a revision if you are all unhappy with a certain part. If your writer charges by words written, then make sure that they do not cross the word limit in the revision and charge you more for your article. Whenever you send feedback, make sure that you are specific about what should be improved because that is the only way the writers will get better.

Choose or approve visuals — decide on what colors you wish to use in your article also decide. You can decide the resolution of the pictures used, and the writer will choose something that works with your brand and what you want to achieve. If you have a proper team for designing, they can take over this job, and you can send it to the writer.


If you get a good writer or a good writing agency, you can succeed in your writing services. You can control all the details about the article and still get a good article the way you want it to. You can change the number of words, fonts, tone of the article; you can also ask for changes if you find some part of the article unsatisfactory. It is not that hard anymore to outsource your content writing because everything can be altered and customized the way that you want it.




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